Week 8 Of coding period is completed, I worked on adding on call doctors schedule showing screen, I created stage 5 assessments capture feature

Added On-Call Doctors Schedule Showing feature


  • shows list of doctor in program
  • shows name, date, start time , end time of on call schedule
  • shows profile image in circle
  • uses cache image so that user can view image & data offline

Created Stage 5 Discharge with floating button

  • Create Discharge assessments UI
  • Created discharge floating action button to appear only when child is normal & 24 hours have passed
  • Create model class for discharge
  • Create stage 5 discharge event
  • added methods to validate , register stage 5
  • added api request to mark enrollment as COMPLETED
  • added method to queue api request when user is offline
  • Created unit test for stage 5
  • Created stage 4 variable schedule to store time

Stage 5 Unit test cases

  • Throws exception if assessments are incomplete
  • Marks phase-5 as complete if everything is correctly filled
  • Marks child as discharged
  • yields AssessmentsAdded on successful adding of phase 5
  • yields AssessmentsError when assessments are incomplete while adding of phase 5 assessments

What progress have you made this week?

  1. Fetching & displaying doctor’s schedule in App with unit tests
  2. Created Stage 5 (Discharge) with button to discharge based on conditions
  3. Created unit test for stage 5
  4. Made stage-4 repeatable in app after 180 minutes

What do I plan to do next week?

  1. Making messaging/Notifications viewing functionality in App
  2. Adding share App report bug menus in drawer
  3. Preparing Documentation/Readme of Project

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impeding your project?

  • I have completed assessments capture functionality of app, I will request feedback from mentors & will work on the same.
  • I need to discuss individual/facility login feature