Stage 2 Assessments Capture with Classification

  • Created stage-2 assessments capture with clasifying baby’s health using program rules
  • Health is classified in three categories (Normal, Problem, Danger)
  • App takes all data entered by user in stage 2 & then evaluate program rules for classifying health
  • After classifying health the color of assessments screen changes according to the category

Stage 2 Notifications showing feature

  • Used awesome_notifications package for displaying notification
  • Displaying scheduled notifications reminder if user has not completed assessments
  • Displaying notification on stage assessments opening
  • Created Offline Notification showing functionality
    1. Showing notification when baby is registered to complete phase -1 assessments
    2. If user forgets to do phase 1 assessment then reminding by notification again after 60 minutes
    3. Notification feature works offline using scheduled notification featur
    4. Package used for showing notification

Screenshots of notifications

Unit testing assessments bloc, client, repository, phase-1

Test Cases

  • Flutter Assessment BloC test
    • Test Cases
    • yield AssessmentsInitial on successful fetching of data
    • yields AssessmentsError on unsuccessful fetching of data
    • yields AssessmentsAdded on successful adding of phase 1
    • yields AssessmentsError when ward name is empty while adding of phase 1 assessments
    • yields AssessmentsError when assessments are not completed while adding of phase 1 assessments
  • AssessmentsRepository testing
    • Test Cases
    • Throws exception if wardname is empty
    • Throws exception if assessments are incomplete
    • Marks phase-1 as complete if everything is correctly filled
    • Adds stage-1 assessments if list is empty
  • Assessment Client Test
    • Test Cases
    • returns response with 200 code on successful fetching of assessments
    • throws fetch data exception on no internet connection

Searching & sorting functionality on list of babies screen

Sort List of babies by

  • Time (Birth Time)
  • Status ( Classificiation - Normal, Problem, Danger ) (Danger & Problem have high priority)
  • Location ( Ward Name)
By Birth Time By Status By Location

Search List of babies by mother’s name

Search Oni Search test

What progress have you made this week?

  • Adding Search, Sort Functionality in List Of Babies screen
  • Unit Testing Assessments Bloc, Client, Repository, Phase 1
  • Created Phase-1 Notifications showing functionality
  • Created Phase-2 Assessments Capture with notifications

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Phase - 3, 4 assessments capturing functionality
  • Showing summary in Home Screen
  • Developing settings screen of app
  • Unit Testing phase - 2 , 3 , 4