Stage 1 Assessments Capture Functionality

  • Fetching & Capturing Stage - 1 Assessments , with this feature user is able to view the captured assessments & also capture the assessments and push the data to DHIS2.
  • This works offline also, data is sent to server when user refreshes on having internet next time
  • Created a BLoC to handle assessments
  • Created Stage - 1 model class which parses and converts to JSON format for parsing and converting data
  • added required ID’s in static variables in dhis2_config.dart file
  • created a client to send data, created a repository to handle data from client

Fetching list of babies enrolled in program

  • Created a BLoC for fetching list of babies enrolled in a program
  • Creating a client & repository class for fetching & saving data locally
  • Sorting the list by time to categorize recently & past registered babies
  • On Tap of baby list item the app opens assessments screen & start fetching assessments
  • List item color changes with classification of baby - Danger (Red), Problem (Yellow), Normal (Green)

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User Profile Screen Functionality

  • Fetching list of users notification from dhis2
  • saving data in hive storage after fetching item
  • fetching & displaying the notification date & time for each notification

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Localized strings in assessments phases UI

  • All strings used in assessments phases UI are now localized
  • localized strings are saved in app_en.arb file

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What progress have you made this week?

  • Implemented User Profile Screen functionality
  • Implemented fetching list of babies from dhis2 & displaying in screen
  • Cache the data after fetching from dhis2
  • localized strings in assessments phase
  • Phase 1 assessments capturing functionality

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Phase - 2, 3, 4 assessments capturing functionality
  • Adding Search, Sort Functionality in List Of Babies screen
  • Adding sort functionality , settings UI, activity logs in profile screen
  • Update functionality in profile screen