Creating Login User functionality

  • Used flutter Bloc architecture for state management
  • Used DHIS2 Auth API for authentication
  • username & password is passed as Basic Auth in header in base64 encoding in API
  • Users can now login using username & password in App
  • Added Dark mode support
  • Created config files to store dhis2 apis & id
  • Added password hide/show feature

Screen Shot

Created UI for Baby Assessments

Assessments are divided into multiple phases-

  1. Phase 1 Assessments 0 - 90 minutes from birth

  2. Phase 2 Assessments 60 - 90 minutes after phase 1

  3. Phase 3 Assessments

Categorized in 3 parts

  1. Normal
  2. Problem
  3. Danger

According to the Classification the appropriate assessment will be shown to user

Screen Shots

Added Theme for Dark Mode

Toggle feature is pending but I have enabled support for dark mode

Screen Shots

What progress I made this week?

  • Completed authentication/login functionality
  • Created config files for storing API, DHIS2 Id’s
  • Developed UI of all three Assessments screens
  • Added support for dark mode

What I have planned to do next week?

  • Register Baby screen functionality (using DHIS2 API)
  • Implementing User Profile Screen functionality (using DHIS2 API)
  • Making the above features work also when user is offline and sending data when user is online next time