Developing UI of Register Baby Screen

I worked on creating UI of register baby screen, I have used the following packages

  • Flutter Customizable Slider for weight, temperature input (Link)

  • Flutter Date Time Picker to pick baby’s birth date & time (Link)

  • Flutter Bloc Architecture to handle state management (Link)

I have created toggle buttons for baby’s information input such as gender, mode of delivery etc. These toggle buttons uses boolean variable for their state management.

I have created a model class for storing Baby’s health information, This class’s object is created & data is filled when user enter’s data is register baby’s screen.

Creating Navigation Drawer in App

I Added a navigation drawer in app, It has the following items & header with LibreHealth’s Logo.

  • Doctor’s Schedule
  • Messaging
  • About
  • Share App
  • Report Bug

Screen Shots

What progress I made this week?

  • Developed UI of Register Baby Screen
  • Created Sliders for weight, temperature etc.
  • Created Model Class for storing Baby’s Information
  • Created Bloc for register baby screen
  • Created App Drawer with items ( Doctor’s Schedule, Messaging, Share App, Report Bug)

What I have planned to do next week?

  • Developing Assessments Screen UI for all stages
  • Using Sliver App Bar for floating app bars
  • Adding Dark Mode in App