Community Bonding Period June 1 to June 6

Coding period is about to begin tomorrow & I have done preparations to start coding, During this week I had completely set up DHIS2 with program rules/Stages

Few thing I want to Discuss

Baby Classification Logic

Earlier I thought to do Classification in app only , but now I learned about program rules which run automatically and can classify baby easily, Moreover these rules are very much configurable so users can configure these according to their requirements

Currently I used ECEB Action plan to classify Baby’s health in 3 categories - Normal/Problem/Danger

Example of Classification Logic For Danger

#{ECEB_Severe_Jaundice} || #{ECEB_Assess_Temperature}<= 35.5 || #{ECEB_Assess_Temperature} >= 37.5 || #{ECEB_Weight} < 1500 || #{ECEB_Chest_Indrawing} ||#{ECEB_Not_Feeding} || #{ECEB_Fast_Breathing} || #{ECEB_Convulsions}

If any of the above condition is true then the health is in danger.

The program rule has an acion - It classifies health by filling data element ECEB_Classification after evaluating the above expressions.

Creating an Initial Screen to fetch all data elements/program ids from dhis2

For doing API call related to a program/event we need its unique id beforehand, As these ids are not constant on every DHIS2 , I need to first design a screen which fetches all the variables/Stage/Programs ID from the dhis2. Then the user will be able to use the app.

On Call Doctor’s Program

This is an Event Program, Doctor’s schedule is added as an event with data elements name, date, start time, end time, Doctor’s Image.

What progress I made this week?

  • Created program rules for Normal/Problem/Danger
  • Created On Call Doctor’s Program
  • Created Stage 4 & Stage 5 in DHIS2 & modified previous stages according to ECEB action plan

What I have planned to do next week?

  • Developing Register baby screen UI
  • Developing Assessments Screen UI of App
  • Adding Dark Mode in App
  • Adding navigation drawer in app with menus ( Doctor’s Schedule, Messaging, Share App, Report Bug)