Making Compare by price feature

My Mentor Mua suggested this feature, it is very useful, we just enter price & all the procedures whose price is approximate to that entered price gets displayed.


Created option in App settings to choose any location of US to try App.

I displayed an alert dialog when user presses on button choose a US state, then it displays all US states, when user presses any state then the app takes it as a new location & fetches nearby hospital when user presses on Save button. This feature I created for those who want to test this app and are not a resident of US.



Making IntroSlides for app

I have made intro slides in App, I have searched a lot for images on Google & use intro slides package for flutter.

download_cdm download_cdm download_cdm

Making Splash Screen

I used LibreHealth Logo for splash screen, I scaled image to different resolutions for this & then placed it in app & ios folder in App.


Used Orange LH theme

I used LibreHealth Orange theme for App,earlier I used indigo color, but now with this orange theme App looks great.

Working on Updating all CDM from App

App should update its saved CDM from gitlab every month, I have to work on this feature, I will complete it by tomorrow.

What do I plan to do After GSoC?

I will continue to contribute to LibreHealth for this project. I will assist the new members who are willing to contribute for this project. I will actively take part in the discussions and I will contribute by creating, Solving issues and adding improvements to this app.

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impending your project?

Project is almost done, I only need to discuss report a bug feature with @mua_rachmann & make a CI pipeline for App