Decreased size of scraper repository

I reduced the repository size from 600 MB to around 14 MB using BFG Repo Cleaner, it is a tool which cleans large blobs in git repository commits, I ran it to clear all blobs greater than 10 Kb & then I achieved 14 MB size, Well it is not the original size but a lot better than previous one.

Fixed CI pipeline

The problem with CI pipeline was with authentication, I & my mentors fixed this issue correctly,Now we have used an access token instead of SSH earlier.Data is pushed in master branch of Gitlab repository

Wrote Unit tests of App

I worked a lot on this during this week, I have used flutter's two popular packages,

  • bloc_test This is very useful for testing blocx which are used in BLoC architecture.

  • mockito - Used flutter's mockito package which is used for mocking repository, I used it for testing mocking all repository & all API clients

Wrote Unit Tests for

  • Home Screen
  • Download CDM screen,
  • Saved CDM Screen
  • View CDM
  • Search Screen
  • View CDM Statewise screen
  • Compare Hospital Screen
  • Also Wrote unit tests for Overpass API, GitLab API, Medicare Hospital Compare API

Completing for App

Readme of app is now completed, I have also modified readme of scraper as suggested by Mentor Mua to display links of hospitals in a table. I viewed a lot of Open Source projects Repositories to get idea.

What do I plan to do next week?

  • I need to test app more to ensure each & every component is working correctly

  • Finding & fixing bugs in app.

  • Discussing with @mua_rachmann for REST server, App icon, Intro slides

  • Completing Unit tests for other screens