Fixing issues

I worked on different issues created by mentor Mua,

  • Adding Search & Filter Functionality in View CDM Screen

I have to make same functionality as in search screen

  • Searching while typing

For this I have to listen textcontroller & have search in database whenever user enters any word

  • Improving UI of CDM List tile

I have decreased font size of CDM List tile, Added different color background to category


  • Fixed Bug CDM not getting saved immediately after downloading

This was small problem, I just need to call Saved screen bloc to refresh data

Working on Share App & About App

With the share app feature in navigation drawer user can share app using social media platforms, About feature displays an intro about the project & it also contains a link to this project Repository.



Writing for App

This is in progress, I have searched & viewed a lot of readme of many open source projects to get idea about it, I will complete this readme by Sunday

Searching on internet on how to make Git Repo Smaller

The scraper repo is very large but it doesn't contains any large file, its size is only 1 MB but on cloning we have to clone around 500 MB, it is because Git History of commit is very large. I want to discuss with mentor mua about it

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Decreasing size of data scraper repository
  • Completing readme of App
  • Writing Unit Test of Home Screen, Download CDM screen, Saved CDM Screen
  • Developing & discussing REST API with flask