Completing View CDM Statewise Screen

This screen displays all data from the scraper, I have used GitLab API to get data from Gitlab Repository, User can download CDM from other states also & app can work Offline after CDM are saved to SQL Database

I have created separate BLoC for this screen but for displaying list of hospitals I am using "download cdm screen" & "view cdm screen".



Made UI of Compare Hospital Screen

I have only made UI of Compare Hospital Screen, I will complete its backend work by next week, I will get data from medicare hospital compare data, I will use socrata API to get data in app

This is Medicare Hospital Compare Website, It uses data from

ScreenShots of UI



Scraped & processed Medicare Data

I made scrapy spider to scrap data from CMS Data of

Inpatient Data of 3000 Hospitals

Outpatient Data of Hospitals

I also made process script which processes CDM to proper columns & also seperates each hospital & places to its state folder by its state Code

What do I plan to do next week?

  1. Completing compare hospitals screen

  2. Adding search functionality in view cdm screen

  3. Discussing with mentors for GUI of scraper