Wrote Readme.md of scraper

I worked on readme.md of scraper, I wrote in detail about project & then how to setup project in your system. I have written the commands which will be needed for scraping data. Then user needs to process the scraped CDM.

Till now I have scraped & processed data of three states Alaska, Indiana, New York.

Scraped CDM of California

I made scrapy spider which gets data from this (Link) , This data is provided by California State Health Department. I have to make "process.py" scripts for each hospital.

Changed Code Organisation

Separated “process.py” from “Data” Directory, so that user don’t need to clone large repository. I have made changes in all process.py scripts.

Working on changes suggested by Mentor Mua

I am currently working on changes suggested by Mentor Mua on Cost Of Care App, I will make Merge Request by tomorrow

Setting Gitlab CI

I have tried a lot but chromedriver & chromebrowser are not working in Linux CI Pipeline, I am getting exception in pipeline,but its working on my windows, maybe I am not installing them properly , I will search more on this, & will discuss with my mentors

What do I plan to do next week?

For Web Scraper

  • Generating “process.py” script for each hospital

For App

  • Working on View CDM Statewise screen.

GitLab CI Pipeline

  • I have to setup chromedriver & chromebrowser in CI Pipeline & then make this project run properly