Working on Download CDM Tab in Bottom Navigation

Created a new tab in bottom Navigation which will display all the hospitals in current state of user. I have used GitLab Repository API.

Small Problem

I have faced small problem while fetching data from API, I can get maximum of 100 Hospitals data by calling API, which is the limitation of GitLab API.


So, I have to call API as many times in App till all hospitals data is fetched, I am fetching total number of pages in first call then calling API as many times the total number of pages & getting data of 100 hospitals each time.

Screen UI


Saving CDM to SQL Database

I will download csv of each file from GitLab API, I will save it SQL Database in App, Currently I am working on this feature, I have to manage a lot of states in App, I am using BLoC Architecture to do this, I have made DAO [ Data Access Object ] file for it , to do this in cleaner way.

Displaying CDM

When user will click on download button of any list item, View button will appear, I am working on this & will display CDM as list on new Screen, I will complete this by Sunday.

Scraping CDM of New York State

Currently, I am working on this, I have to make spider file for it which will get data from New York State Health Department, I have done making process script which will parse data to proper column names. This Data is provided by OSHPD New York Department.

What do I plan to do next week?

  1. Working on Search Screen & Saved screen backend
  1. Scraping CDM of California State