Second week of coding period is just going to over, I worked really hard this week,discussed each & every details with my mentors about the feature to be implemeted, sended multiple Merge Request this week. A detailed info about my work is given below

Completing UI for Main Features

I developed UI for rest of the main features of this App, I made a bottom Sheet UI which displays option to filter costs by Category & Price. I also made view cdm screen by which user will be able to view cdm of individual hospital.


Setting Web Crawler & CI Pipeline

I setup GitLab CI (Continous Integration) Pipeline which will automatically scrap CDM of hospital whenever we will schedule it. This pipeline will also process data after scraping to proper columns , which I will use it in App.

I discussed a lot with mentors about it, I have finally sent a merge request for this feature.

I also scraped CDM of Alaska State, I will start scraping CDM for next week.

Making SQL Database in App

I only made a skeleton class for database in App, I have written functions in it to create database, create table, Insert a list of object in table, A lot of other functions are also needed which I will do by next week.

What I plan to do next week?

I will start working on backend code of home screen, I will use Overpass API to display nearby hospital by getting user location, I will display nearby hospital list with image from Google to make it more attractive.

For web crawler Repository , I will scrap CDM of Indiana State.