Coding Period Started

With the beginning of this month, GSoC Coding Period begins, I started working actively, I also had Video call with my mentor last week & we discussed a lot about this project & program. My mentors suggested me to first work on frontend of App ( Developing UI Screens ) with dummy data & later work on backend.

Developing UI Screens of App with Dummy Data

This week I made UI screens of App with Dummy Data, I added Navigation Drawer, Bottom Navigation in app. I made UI of each screen. Some screens UI are pending but, I will do it by next week.

I will discuss here each screen I made with Dummy Data for now

1. Home Screen

This screen will display nearby hospitals with images, It contains a search bar with settings icon which displays settings to change radius to display nearby hospitals.

I have tried to make search bar similar to Google Play Store Search Bar.


2. Search Screen

It contains a search bar by which user can search for any procedure, It displays list of procedures

3. Settings Screen

It displays a slider which can control radius of UI.

4. Saved Screens

It will display list of chargemasters which are saved in local storage as SQL Database of App

5. View CDM Statewise

User can view CDM of any hospital of any state

I have added Navigation Drawer which contains the following screens

  • View CDM Statewise
  • Compare Hospitals
  • Share App
  • About App
  • Report a Bug

Bottom Navigation holds these UI

  • Home Screen
  • Saved CDM

I have to scrap CDM of Alaska State which I will do by Sunday & will send a Merge Request Soon,

UI Sample Screens




home.png home.png

What I plan to do next week?

I have planned make complete UI of App & to scrap CDM of California State. I will discuss with my mentors what more needs to be done or any suggestion needed.

My Entire discussion with mentors can be seen here