Searching CMS Data for Hospitals

This week I found CMS Data which contains inpatient & outpatient procedures & charges of 3000 Hospitals. I will use these datasets , but these don’t contain complete data. They have only about 150 procedures per Hospital.

Inpatient Data (Link)

Outpatient Data (Link)

Preparing Project Plan for Coding Period

I have made a detailed project plan with milestones in it. I have discussed it with my mentors. I will be making UI of complete App with Dummy Data in the first two weeks.

I have planned to scrap 2000 Hospitals Data, for which I have to save link to each hospital’s CDM to my web crawler & then process the data.

My Detailed Project Plan (Link) , I have to make some changes in it.

Analyzing CDM

I have analyzed after reading cdm of few hospitals that after processing, CDM will have three columns,

  • Description [Description of Procedure or Drug]

  • Charge [Price of Procedure or Drug]

  • Category

◦ DRG (Diagnostic Related Group)

◦ Pharmacy (It will contain medicines),

◦ Standard (if no category is provided I will name it default as Standard)

What do I plan to do next week?

I will start making App UI with dummy data in next two weeks, I will also scrap Hospitals CDM of California State next week.