Learning About CI Pipeline in GitLab

I have read documentation of GitLab CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline which I will use to update CDM stored in GitLab periodically. The pipeline will scrap data from the stored links & then process the data using a process script which I will make to process it to standard columns. Then the pipeline will push the changes to the GitLab Repository.

I have created a pipeline here

I need to make changes in it to also process the data. I will read documentation of it carefully


Changed UI of Home screen & Search Screen of App

I have changed only home screen & search screen UI . Now, I have used flutter gradient in home screen toolbar.

I have also forked the repo from LibreHealth GitLab Repository

I have scrapped data of few hospitals & tried to use CI Pipeline to update them & the pipeline is working correctly.

I have searched the web for US govt data which contain all hospitals of state. I got New York & California Hospitals CDM ,for rest of state I manually have to save links.

What do I plan to do next week?

  • I will give my mentors Detailed project plan with Milestones for my coding period.

  • Analyzing CDM of hospitals & reading documentation for flutter Sqflite package

  • Preparing up the development environment for start of coding session.

My Entire discussion with mentors can be seen here