Reading Documentation Of Flutter Packages

In the second week of community bonding, I read documentation of Flutter packages such as flutter_map (Link) which I will use to display OSM (Open Street Map ) in the app. I read its implementation from examples shown.

I read about Flutter GeoJSON package which I will use to read geojson output from the Overpass API response.

location package (Link) It is another package which I will use to get current location of User.

I will get latitude & longitude of user which I will use in Overpass API to get Nearby Hospitals

Using Overpass API to retrieve Nearby Hospitals

I learned to use Overpass API to show nearby Hospitals, I have used Overpass turbo to test my API calls.

Overpass API uses a Query Language to get data from its Server. I read its documentation carefully. (Here)

I read its various examples, I will summarize my points here

Base URL


Around allows you to get all nodes near one or more given nodes.


around:1000 in area of 1 Km.

Need to pass current location coordinates



“amenity”=”hospital” , For searching hospitals

I also discussed with my mentors my approach to scrap Hospitals Data & how I will store it on Github.


My entire discussion can be seen here